IntelliJ Platform. --> But i dont know how. Even though they have other support for working with forms. Once you have generated rebel.xml, you need to redeploy your application to the server for the configuration to take effect. The project should include a directory with a Maven project in it: NOTE: You need Node.jsinstalled on your computer to compile the example application. Using debugger, we can stop the execution of program at a certain point, inspect variables, step into function and do many things. I’ve upgraded it to use Java 15 and JavaFX 15.0.1, it does not use Java modularity, and it seems to work correctly – both running from the command line and running the UI application class from IntelliJ IDEA. Allowed HTML elements include text formatting, paragraphs, and lists. MyApp]]> The XML validator says that it's prohibited to spaces therein. Per spec, this disables the scanning of jar files in the lib directory of the ear file Use built-in support for Spring Initializr in the IntelliJ … This is a decompressed Web application archive , a directory structure that is ready for deployment onto a web server. [ActionID].text|description` --> Don't use marketing adjectives like "simple", "lightweight", or "professional". See for migration steps However, because these are Application Settings, the com.intellij.applicationService EP is used with the FQN of the implementation class: On the Artifacts page, select the new JavaEEHelloWorld:ear exploded artifact and note that it contains only the javaEEApplication facet resource. The FQN module names in elements are used to determine IDE compatibility for the plugin. MyWebApplication.war Also this application is built on 2015 , using Eclipse. Considering IntelliJ is an editor, it is odd to me that this is not supported. use of the