And do feel free to chime in on your favourites. We have gathered the very best Ikea storage hacks together to inspire you and help you organize your home! It’s a really sleek design with the solid wood counter tops and black burners. But with the right Ikea storage hack you can create stunning, inexpensive storage easily. If you’re looking for ideas for a nice desk for your own admin tasks or even for the kid’s homework, you’ll find the best ideas in this post… We’ve already discussed lot of fantastic IKEA hacks for every home, and today I’d like to share some ideas for dining rooms or zones.The focal point of any dining space is a dining table, of course, so pay your attention to IKEA tables and ways to personalize them. , Hi Kathy, Hope this helps. Beautiful: the best Ikea hacks truly transform the look of the original piece – vertical becomes horizontal, minimal becomes farmhouse, etc. Upon reflection, the hardest part of this project was … convincing the wife to improvise the PINNIG coat rack into a room divider instead of just getting a ready made one! Whether it gives you somewhere to work from home (which is becoming more popular these days), somewhere for your kids to do homework or somewhere for you to write all those Christmas cards, you will always have a use for a desk. Apart, it’s a pair … Thnk u for reading it right till the end! You can sit comfortably while putting on your shoes and everything is handy when you’re in a hurry. . . Here are 13 innovative new IKEA hacks we stalked on Instagram — each is fresh and unique! However, after all is done and dusted, she and a bunch of our guests adore the one of a kind product! Be brave and go for the PINNIG coat rack! We have 5,000 (+ counting!) This is our hack of the PINNIG coat rack and shoe bench into an indoor plant room divider. UTÅKER Stackable Bed. To realise the vision of an indoor plant room divider, we got ourselves some indoor potted and air plants. The goal was to find a tall and wide enough structure that can provide the function of a divider. Refresh an Entryway Mirror. This is a super simple hack that will help you get organized real quick in your kitchen area. 15 Must Try IKEA Kitchen Hacks You Won’t Want to Miss . Hi Emma, First of all, these are IKEA Rast and Tarva dressers that can be renovated in various ways to create a bedside table – they feature much storage space – drawers, and you can also make open storage spaces. 8. Thank you for the detailed list & images. If you have a ready IKEA nightstand, just redo it to give it a new life! 2. Ps. The Kallax unit is such a versatile piece of furniture, and is the star … Yeeeay! It will also serve as a mini garden. And it got me thinking (and furiously listing) my favourites and ideas for some possible IKEA hack projects. I just purchased PINNIG rack, will include your delightful ideas in my plan. Knagglig boxes, Mosslanda ledges, Lots mirrors, Kallax storage units and many other pieces by IKEA can be used to make a cool nightstand, take a look at the pics to get inspired! Then, we embarked on this DIY trip, full of enthusiasm and a prayer that it’ll turn out like what we’ve always wanted. Maybe your closet is looking a little sad, or maybe you’ve decided that this is the year you finally do something with that awkward empty nook in the corner of your bedroom. Best Ikea Desk Hacks: 12 Clever Desk Ideas (You Won’t Believe Came From Ikea) In 2019 there are so many good reasons for having a nice desk or office space in your home! We believe an entryway mirror is a must-have if you don't want to fly out … Something simple like color-blocked abstract shapes is a great idea for a rookie. Here are 13 DIY IKEA curtain hacks to give you some ideas for what you can do to customize plain white curtain panels for a super affordable solution to window coverings. 3. Thanks! Your email address will not be published. Staining the whole piece, its legs or drawers, or painting and repainting some parts or the whole thing and of course adding new handles or pulls will make your nightstand a new piece. Whether it’s IKEA Hemnes, Tarva, Malm or any other nightstand, hacking it won’t be that difficult: grab stain or paint and start! The mini garden is looking great and it gives me the opportunity to work on my hobby! I got mine from Lazada. You may also attach contact paper inside the drawers or open storage spaces for a catchier look. Dec 16, 2014 - Explore John Cruz's board "IKEA Mud Room", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. Even if your bedroom is tiny, you can have a small floating nightstand or a shelf – today we’ll show you this and many other possible options made of IKEA items! Kitchen Island using IKEA Kallax. 9. To make it an indoor plant friendly room divider, I purchased 2 HEKTAR wall/ clamp lights to provide just enough lighting for the indoor plants to thrive. Can I ask, what were the metal “pendants” you used for the air plants? Stain, paint, remove and add drawers, add handles and pulls and make your nightstand amazing! Store your cleaning supplies and other kitchen knick-knacks with this nifty solution from IKEA. This is our hack of the PINNIG coat rack and shoe bench into an indoor plant room divider. With its friendly price tags, it’s hard to not make IKEA a go-to source for all things home decor. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. The 37 Absolute Coolest Hacks for All of Your Favorite IKEA Products We found the most creative ideas for the retailer's most iconic items. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore Michely Beki's board "IKEA Rack" on Pinterest. As I envisioned it to be a room divider and mini garden, I purchased a couple of BITTERGURKA plant pots to house the potted plants. 1. 2 . See more ideas about ikea, home diy, ikea hack. 11 Brilliant IKEA Hacks to Transform Your Kitchen and Pantry Kate Thorn. Using black cable ties, we secured three black wire mesh boards to the divider to allow us to add our family photos and also favourite quotes! We decided to inject a little character to the newly christened “The Pinnig Sprout Screen” FKA (formerly known as) coat rack. No worries, if you have some IKEA Items at hand, you can make one. an IKEA Tarva nightstand spruced up with white paint, stained legs and a knob is a very cool idea. if you love IKEA hacks check out these other two posts I wrote compiling all the best IKEA hacks on the web: 13 DIY Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Furniture. Pheeew …! tatertotsandjello. On top of being a one of a kind indoor plant room divider for our place, it snugs nicely into our home concept! 10 DIY IKEA Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money. After months of trawling through countless furniture stores, we finally decided to make our own. With the project almost 90% completed, it was time for personalisation. Some Ikea hacks you just look at and can’t believe they started off as Ikea products. Photo by TOMAS EKDAHL for IKEA. Where going the custom route could set you back hundreds of dollars, there exists a smarter solution—and it’s hiding out at IKEA.Have you heard about the Pax system?. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We have always wanted a room divider to have clear demarcation between the living room and dining area. I must be lucky”, I whispered to myself! 21 IKEA Kallax Hacks That You Need To Try In Your Home. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. – Lee Ann. Aug 9, 2017 - PINNIG Coat rack with shoe storage bench, black. Jules This post may contain affiliate links. IKEA RAST Hack. 13 IKEA Curtain Hacks. I bought them to provide ample storage space for miscellaneous items such as fertilizer, spade, newspaper etc. Ingenious! The 2018 IKEA Catalogue is chock-full of inspiration and ideas. This post may contain affiliate links. The whole process, from research, drafting, shopping (the wife’s favourite part!) PRESS ESC TO CANCEL, © 2008 - 2021 DigsDigs. Ikea Kitchen Open Under Counter Shelving Hack. For a while, I thought that I’ll be putting some people to sleep with the long narration! Check out 15+ IKEA Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind, Easy Furniture Repair That Matches Ikea Paint Colors and our podcast episode 5 IKEA Insider Tips That Will Change Your Life + What We ALWAYS Buy at IKEA. All Rights Reserved. Here you’ll find not only IKEA nightstand hacks but also nightstands made of other IKEA pieces, get inspired! Happy hacking! On the other hand, the FEJKA artificial plants were draped over the wire mesh boards to create a “vine” effect around them. Ikea hackers are an ingenious bunch and this clever hack, using the Ikea MOJLIG 2 burner gas hobs is a great way to get all your appliances into a small ktichen. To keep the divider lines “clean”, I tidied up the wires by securing them with Velcro strips and run them along the side of the rack to make it look neat. 9. Learn how your comment data is processed. I really like this as a divider! A nightstand is a must for every bedroom: you can place all the small stuff you may need there, and find it easily. No nightstand at all? By Lauren Smith McDonough , … hacks from all over the globe. If your inside cabinets look like a mess, adding some buckets to the inside will change your life. Which we now call “The Pinnig Sprout Screen”. an old IKEA Malm nightstand hacked with navy paint and with metallic handles added for a chic new look. Whatever you choose, the IKEA PINNIG series offers another three-in-one deal: quality, design and function. Want more amazing IKEA tricks and hacks? So far, I’ve just added stripes to the panels in the boys’ bedroom by adding strips of navy fabric and ribbon trim. But after looking at my tireless enthusiasm, she relented and agreed! With the hardest part over, I began the process. The RAST dresser is a small space favorite for three big reasons: At $35, you can't … The legs of the frame have been spray-painted gold (a can of gold spray paint will quickly become your must-have tool for Ikea hacks). Glad that you’ve enjoyed reading this piece. We used fishing lines to hold up the hanging pendants so that they won’t be visible. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) New Ikea jacks and diys for 2019! There’s also a separate rack with hooks and a bench with shoe storage. 5. 1. We have always wanted a room divider to have clear demarcation between the living room and dining area. First and foremost, we ran through a long list of items on the IKEA Singapore website. In their place, I secured the 2 HEKTAR wall clamp lights instead. Last to go from my IKEA shopping list are a couple of OBSERVATÖR clip on baskets and black TJENA storage boxes with lids for storage purposes. Here’s a quick start guide. and execution took about a week to complete. an IKEA Hemnes bedside table hacked in pink and with a metallic knob will add a girlish feel to the space. Backstory. The only hangers I know about for plants are for hanging potted plants (like made of small chain that hooks into holes in the pot and come together at the top with a hook). A good desk can be so useful at home and you can come up with the perfect solution with an Ikea desk hack. hacks from all over the globe. Related: A gorgeous IKEA room divider hack for a studio, 7. After scouring the net for inspiration, I finally sketched out a draft room divider that consists of mostly items from IKEA. Browse thousands of ideas to transform your IKEA furniture to fit your home and life. My wife wasn’t totally convinced of my choice. 6. To enable lights to be fixed onto the PINNIG coat rack, I decided to do without the upper hook fixtures. They look like just a metal frame of some type…a lighting fixture? Happy wife, happy life! Then go to town picking out a splashy wallpaper to cover the doors—or get creative and try your hand at a painted mural. Thnk u for liking the Pinnig Sprout Screen. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. A freestanding room divider using STUVA cabinets, A gorgeous IKEA room divider hack for a studio, IKEA releases furniture add ons for people with disabilities, This popular IKEA tray table is now double the fun, Green with envy: Gorgeous PAX walk through closet, PINNIG coat rack with shoe storage bench x 1. This clever solution is a coat rack, shoe storage and bench all in one piece. The aesthetics of these lights blend in perfectly with the PINNIG rack to give the whole structure a seamless look! Instead of settling for ready made dividers such as from the VEBERÖD and KALLAX series, I decided to think out of the box. As a lover of all things DIY, I have encountered hundreds of Ikea hacks. Hack it: IKEA kicks off the suggestions by recommending mounting the base to the wall and using a metallic-capped light bulb for a diffused sconce glow. With the mini garden concept slowly coming to a fruition, we added both the TJENA storage boxes with lids and OBSERVATÖR clip on baskets to provide ample storage space to make the whole structure look clean and uncluttered. This stunning ottoman, with green velvet upholstery, is one such hack. Tadaa! Jun 11, 2015. IKEA Malm nightstand hacked with navy paint, IKEA Kallax shelf used as a stylish nightstand, 28 Smart IKEA Oddvar Stool Hacks For Your Home, 25 Practical IKEA Desk Hacks That Inspire, 57 Ways To Incorporate IKEA Malm Dresser Into Your Décor, 25 Best IKEA Storage Furniture Hacks To Try, 25 IKEA Alex And Ekby Alex Hacks You’ll Love, 51 Awesome Ways To Use Christmas Balls and Ornaments In Decor, 55 Ways To Use IKEA Besta Units In Home Décor, Small Prefab Huga House For Off-The-Grid Living, 55 Cool IKEA Kura Beds Ideas For Your Kids’ Rooms, 50 Grey Floor Design Ideas That Fit Any Room. Kitchen Storage. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? There is never enough storage! Related: A freestanding room divider using STUVA cabinets. The “pendants” that you’ve mentioned are just the normal metal hangers for plants that are easily available online. By using our sites, you agree to our use of cookies. I made these super easy Ikea hacks for my office! Tiled Desk Image Credit: Instagram/@cathdelichtenberg This Instagrammer took a Malm desk and found tiles that fit the desk's width almost perfectly … Large wall spaces can be a slight (or huge) pain to make into a useful space… or even as a space you just like to look at. This lightweight two-fer can be configured in multiple ways. The potted plants were placed in the beautiful BITTERGURKA plant pots whereas the air plants go to the hanging pendants. See my full disclosure here for more info.. We’re extremely proud and happy how this project had turned out! And we’ve looked through countless number of dividers, which are beautiful, but somehow lacking in character and individualisation. There are a ton of awesome Ikea storage hacks ideas out there so you will definitely find something perfect for you. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. 1. Thnk you for your kind compliments! Instead of asking a contractor to erect a feature divider or buying a ready-made divider, I wanted to challenge myself to create a one of a kind indoor plant room divider. See more ideas about ikea, kallax ikea, home diy. Choose a look that matches your bedroom decor and create your own new piece. The 12 Best Ikea Desk Hacks #1 Slim Desk Ikea Hack. IKEA hackers is the site for hacks and mods on all things IKEA. hack your IKEA Hemnes nighstand with a stained drawer and a metallic handle to give it a stylish look with a rustic feel, a boho IKEA Tarva nighstand hack with stain, blush paint and a white knob looks very unusual, an IKEA Hemnes bedside table hack in elegant grey and with a single metallic knob is a stylish idea, an IKEA Hemnes bedside table hacked in pink and with a metallic knob will add a girlish feel to the space, an old IKEA Malm nightstand hacked with navy paint and with metallic handles added for a chic new look, an IKEA Tarva nightstand spruced up with white paint, stained legs and a knob is a very cool idea, an IKEA Tarva nightstand painted white and grey, with a leather pull on the drawer for a mid-century modenr bedroom, an IKEA Tarva nightstand is hacked with faux inlays, a white knob and in forest green color, an IKEA Tarva nightstand hacked with grey stain, new hardware and a notched drawer pull looks chic, an IKEA Tarva nighstand painted grey and with a blakc leather pull is a simple makeover with plenty of style, an IKEA Tarva nighstand in peachy pink, with geometric decor and a gilded knob is a bright idea. Not all items below are new products, nevertheless they are things to consider for your next IKEA hack project. Screen with greens: Make an Indoor Plant Room Divider. There’s a sturdy steel PINNIG that’s all of this – it’s like a three-in-one deal. © COPYRIGHT 2020 IKEAHACKERS.NET | IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I love it and am definitely going to build it. “Wow! We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. By attaching some affordable leather belts from H&M to a round … Definitely an awesome and handsome solution to store away those gardening tools! a glam IKEA Rast hack with gilded inlays and knobs will make up a stylish nightstand with storage drawers, a Knagglig box painted grey and attached to the wall makes up a cool floating bedside table, a stained Knagglig box placed on casters as a bedside table that can be moved anywhere and provides storage space, a stylish IKEA Rast hack – rich stained wood covering it and chic knobs for a bold nightstand, a stylish IKEA Rast hack with cane inserts, leather pulls and a single open compartent is a very practical piece, an IKEA Kallax shelf used as a stylish nightstand with much open storage space, an IKEA Rast dresser hacked with grey paint, planks and vintage handles for an industrial meets rustic bedroom, an IKEA Rast dresser hacked with stain and black handles will easily fit a rustic or farmhouse bedroom, an IKEA Rast dresser painted navy, with contact paper inside and chic metallic knobs, an IKEA Rast dresser redone with inlays and metallic knobs for a glam feel in your bedroom, an IKEA Rast transformation with midnight blue paint, planks and vintage handles for a touch of chic, an IKEA Tarva dresser hack with white paint, stained legs and ring pulls provides much storage space, IKEA Lots mirrors turned into a stylish nightstand for a contemporary or minimalist bedroom, IKEA Mosslanda ledges turned into a floating nightstand with lights, which is ideal for a small bedroom, BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. The IKEA Hack: Stockholm Mirror. Are these specific hangers for air plants? Stack four sets of Ivar cabinets side by side and mount them to the wall for this fun IKEA hack. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have another questions about the hangers someone else asked about. When you’re short on space, opting for a slim desk like this one can give you that much-needed office space… some ideas for placement include behind the sofa, alongside a wall in the bedroom or even in a narrow hallway! Hi – I just discovered your divider! If you do not have an inch of cabinet space in your kitchen to spare, a few ​Trones … This is our hack of the PINNIG coat rack and shoe bench into an indoor plant room divider. Which we now call "The Pinnig Sprout … My AHA moment: the most inspiring ones have these qualities in common- 1 . See my full disclosure here for more info.. 13 Best IKEA Entryway Hacks #1 DIY Faudenza. Which we now call “The Pinnig Sprout Screen”. Really enjoyed this post, such an interesting way of incorporating greenery into the home.