Calling code can set the boolean value of the custom button to determine the behavior of later click events. Worksheets(1).Shapes("Button").OnAction = "OFF_BUTTON" When you click the “stop” button, set it to True. However, when I run the code in the VBA editor, the button becomes invisible. Then in your form's intialization event, create a new collection and loop through your form's command buttons, creating new custom buttons and adding them to the collection. Hi, You either assign a macro to the OnAction property or add code in the Click event. It means you can perform the operation either by clicking on the command button or by pressing the hot key. Write the code stating the actions to take place when you click the command button. However, when I go to the "RA NE" sheet where the value of "e13" = 0, I still see the ActiveX button. Inserting a Command Button. Alternatively, you can also press ALT + F11 to open the VBA window. Click the DEVELOPER button on the Ribbon. Is there a setting under the properties of the button or the sheet that I need to change? Double click on the Money spin button. How to to insert a button on the worksheet to run VBA macros in Excel. If true, stop processing. With the VBA, buttons can invoke the macros, display the messages and perform other functions. to stop it with the press of a command button, then you should use a global boolean. In Excel VBA you can assign a hot key for a command Button as well. Open the Visual Basic Editor. During your activity loop, check that variable. Also, I mentioned doing the same thing by calling the _Click event of the button, but I believe heny is looking to "visually" see the button pressed using APIs. Add this code at the end of “ON_BUTTON” macro to assign “OFF_BUTTON” macro to the switch. How to Add a VBA Command Button. Step 5 – Let us move to Visual Basic Application window. Use the View Macros command in the Macros group on the VIEW toolbar. Add the following code line: Draw a command button on sheet Change the properties on CommandButton1. Use the buttons that connect from VBA macro; We are now interested in connecting buttons and VBA macro. To do that, just click on Developer Tab then click on Visual Basic button available in Code group. We have now created the first part of the Userform. I’m not as familiar with VBA as I am with Visual Basic, so hopefully there is a DoEvents in VBA. 3. The situation is that we end up copying the VBA macro code in the VBE to Excel. 1. Next, create a second macro in the same workbook – this time by writing VBA code. This article will show you how. In the Project Explorer, double click on DinnerPlannerUserForm. Adding a VBA Command Button with its respective code is not a complicated task. You can do this in two steps − Insert a command button. 4. It means you can assign a hot key to a command button which can be triggered by pressing that hot key from the keyboard. What we have to do is use the OnAction property to assign the second macro to the button once the first macro is executed & vice-versa. Open VBA Window 2. Thanks for all of your help. Create a new worksheet. Click in the new worksheet. It just requires a little knowledge of Excel and the macros. Although it looks neat already, nothing will happen yet when we click the command buttons on the Userform. heny is writing the code in VBA, not VB.NET (even though this is posted in the VB.NET forum) so .NET code won't work for them.